I fucking love COCAINE!

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Shayan Artuz

Yep. Pretty Much This.

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     It’s that moment when you anxiously approach the edge of a diving board for the first time. You’ve seen other people do it many times before; some with grace and ease, others struggle and land on their face.You know how it’s done, just walk to the edge and leap off, keep yourself steady and take form. You’re feet have left the board and there’s nothing but the splash when you hit.

     It’s more than those moments, it’s the top of a roller coaster and you’ve been waiting for what must have been ages. You’ve been on rides like this before, but this one is the tallest and steepest one you’ve ever seen in your life. You’re counting your own heart beats now…one..two…three…four…whoosh!

     There are so many of these moments in life, filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation. Christmas eve when you wait up all night, your first day of school, waiting for that final exam to be graded. Did you make all the right choices up til now? What will become of your life after this? You’re simultaneously confident that all will be well, but can’t entirely fight off the creeping curiosities that plague your idle thoughts.

     I believe I’m doing what’s right, what my heart and mind have agreed is the best course forward. There is no one to grade this test, there’s no jumping off point. A few simple words, a signed document, two rings, one promise. And last but certainly not least, a lifetime ahead. 



anathetease Why didn’t you just show me this when we were doing the weird video competition?


"Love is a shining thing, like a golden fire or a silver mist. It comes very quietly; you can’t command it, but you can’t deny it either. When it does come, you can’t quite see it or touch it, but you feel it –inside of you and around you and the person you love. It changes you; it changes everything. Colors are brighter. Music is sweeter. Funny things are funnier. Ordinary speech won’t do – you grope for better ways to express how you feel. You read poetry. Maybe you even try to write it… Oh, it’s so many little things. Waltzing in the dark, waiting for the phone to ring, opening the box of flowers. It’s holding hands in a movie; it’s humming a sad little tune; it’s walking in the rain; it’s riding in a convertible with the wind in your hair. It’s quarreling and making up again. It’s the first drowsy thought in the morning and that last kiss at night."

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  • Question: Guess what? Guess what!!!! - anathetease
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    We’re getting married!


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this is so cute. I want a potato now.

Soon enough, love.

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Miwa Ogasawara

1. In Light

2. Bow

3. Cosmos

4. Sunrise

5. Sorrow

6. Space

7. Skin I

8. Skin II

9. Winter

10. Memories

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